Baby Name Door Decor

My cousin used the sign I made for her baby's newborn photos!!!

My cousin used the sign I made for her baby’s newborn photos!!!

It has just been one of those kinds of days where everything that can go wrong will go wrong. My frustration has pent-up to the level that I feel like I am going to turn in to a Loony Tune character whose face turns red, steam starts coming out of my ears and then I’ll start bouncing around off the walls in anger. So, to avoid that particular outcome I’ve decided to share this super easy DIY project with you all instead.

wood board for backing
wood letter that fits on the wood board
small letter stickers
matching ribbon
Mod Podge
Wood Glue
Coordinating embellishments

You can find cute pre-cut wood backing at Michael’s and/or JoAnn’s. Trace the shape onto your chosen cardstock. Cut this piece out and glue it to the top of the wood piece using your Mod Podge. Repeat the same process for the large wood letter with a coordinating piece of cardstock and then glue the wood letter to the wood board using your wood glue. Set aside and let dry.

Now for the little letters, I used small glitter stickers that fit into a 1″ x 1″ space. Then I choose 2 plain coordinating cardstock pieces. Cut out however many pieces for each letter in the name from the first piece of cardstock. These should be 1″x1″ each. Then cut the same amount in the other color cardstock that are about 1.25″x1.25″ each. Using your Mod Podge center and glue the 1×1 inch squares on top of the 1.25×1.25 squares. Then center and add the letter stickers. Glue these squares on top of your wood letter so that they spell out the desired name.

Attach your piece of coordinating ribbon to the back of the piece. We used teeny-tiny little screws for this step. You can use whichever attachment process works best for you. However I would recommend not glueing the ribbon on as the final product does have a little weight to it. Add any embellishments you would like to finish your product and call it a day!

This project is so easy and they really do turn out super cute! They make great baby shower gifts and everyone loves them!


this project is so easy even my craft-phobia sister can do it! ;)

this project is so easy even my craft-phobia sister can do it! 😉