Baby Headband


Hi. I’m Tiffany, and I am obsessed with baby headbands. My daughter owns WAY more headbands than is at all reasonable. I will say this, if it was up to me she would wear a headband every single day. However, my babysitter thinks they are silly, so I know the second I drop her off with a headband on the babysitter is going to take it off. That’s assuming, of course, that she hasn’t already pulled it off herself and gnawed on it until it looks like it has been regurgitated from a dog’s stomach. So, why bother? BECAUSE THEY ARE F*&!ING ADORABLE THAT’S WHY!

Unfortunately these headbands aren’t generally all that cheap. You can find some for around $8 apiece but some range up to $15! You can see how that can start to add up. Then there is the fact that they grow out of them so fast (Especially my big head baby who has been in the 93rd percentile in head circumference since she was born!) So I finally decided it had reached the point that if I was going to continue to feed my headband addiction, I was going to have to start making them myself!

For my first headband I decided to use felt and make a little flower headband. As I’m sure you all know there are a ton of different kinds of headbands made from a plethora of different materials but I wanted to make this headband for my daughter’s 1-year pictures to match her 1-year outfit (pictured below). This tutorial is for that specific headband, but it can easily be edited to fit your individual needs.

Colored Felt of your choice
Colored Elastic
Pen or Pencil
Flower Pattern
Jewel Accent – Optional


1. Follow the link for the flower pattern in the supplies list. You can also search the interwebs for a different flower if you do not like the designs pictured. I did not create the flower patterns included above. I googled “felt flower patterns” and found a flower that best fit my needs and followed the link to this website. She has a TON of felt patterns to choose from. The blog is in spanish but the pictures are universal. 😉

2. Print the flower pattern and cut out the patterns in the sizes you need. For this particular headband I took a screenshot of the flower in the bottom right-hand corner, pasted the image to word three times and resized the images. I ended up with a small, medium and large flower pattern.

3. Trace the pattern(s) onto your felt. Use a light colored pencil if possible as markers and pens can bleed through the felt.

4. Cut out felt flowers. (You will need an extra piece of felt at the end of the project so don’t throw away your scraps.)

5. I would recommend arranging the flowers first before you glue them to make sure you like the arrangement. I had to cut out a flower in each size from all three colors of felt I had before I could decide on the arrangement I liked best. Just FYI.

6. Use your Fabri-Tac to glue the pieces together. You can use another form of adhesive such as hot glue or superglue, etc. but the Fabri-Tac really is great for anything fabric related and I highly recommend it. Once your flower is completed to your liking set this piece aside.

7. Grab your elastic. Just FYI, the elastic can be frustrating to find. I finally found this shop on Etsy that has an excellent selection of elastic at really great prices, as well as other headband supplies such as pre-made flowers. I highly recommend them! Anyways, you can google “average headband sizes” if you are not sure what length to cut your elastic but, as aforementioned, my daughter has a… above average sized noggin so I actually cut her headband at 18″. Here is a guideline that I found for average headband sizes:

{ Premie} 11-12″
{ Newborn } 13″
{ 0-1 Year } 14″
{ 1-6 Years} 15″
{Child-teen} 16.5″
{ Adults } 17.5″

8. Use your Fabri-Tac to attach the two ends of the elastic. Make Sure the elastic is NOT twisted before you attach the ends.

9. Attach your Flower to the elastic using the Fabri-Tac. If you place the fabric over the spot where you connected the elastic it creates a seamless headband.

10. Now to finish the headband! Go ahead and grab your felt scraps that you saved from earlier. You will need to cut a circle from your felt. You want the circle to be just smaller than your flower as you are going to glue this piece behind your flower so that the elastic is sandwiched between the two and you don’t want to be able to see this piece from the front.

ALL DONE! Now you have an adorable little custom headband for your baby’s special (or, ya know, Monday) outfit! I forgot to get step-by-step pictures for this tutorial so if you have any questions please feel free to message me!

1 year headband1

1 year outfit1


Turns out the rhinestone #1 that I ordered for this headband came in a set of five. As my baby only needs one headband for her 1-year pictures I now have four extra rhinestone #1s. Maybe one of these days I will get down to making an Etsy shop but for now I am just going to keep doing my crafting as a hobby and call it good. Having said that, I am doing a give-away to the first 4 people who meet one of these requirements:

1. Like AND Share my Facebook post and comment that you would like a 1-year headband
2. Like AND Share this blog post and comment that you would like a 1-year headband

I will send a message to the first 4 people who meet one of the above requirements to get your specifications for your child’s custom 1-year headband!
(As this is free give-away and I will be paying for any necessary shipping charges you must be in the United States to qualify for this giveaway. Also please allow at least a month to receive the headband. I appreciate your understanding.)