Nurses Gifts!

I know I have once again been MIA from the bloggosphere, and I apologize for my long absence! Blogging with a baby is MUCH harder than I expected! Luckily however, I have still been crafting in the interim and therefore have some juicy projects to share with you all!

This particular project goes way back, to right after Edythe was born. It doesn’t have a tutorial. It’s just a little idea for any of you expecting mommy’s out there. I decided to make little gift “baskets” for my Labor and Delivery and Mom and Baby Recovery nurses. Of course, I found this idea on Pinterest while I was still pregnant and I am so very glad that I decided to do it!

If you just stop and think a moment about all the stuff those nurses have to deal with on a daily basis it might make you that much more grateful that we have these wonderful ladies and guys out there. I mean I know it’s their job, but seriously, I know I could never do what they do! So anyways, there are a bunch of different ways you can show your appreciation to these special people (if you decide to do so) and you can search for different ideas on Pinterest and the internet in general. I ended up having an unplanned C-Section and had to stay in the hospital for longer than I had expected so I had a LOT of different nurses while I was there. This was both a good thing and kind of a bad thing. It was great meeting all those wonderful ladies but every nurse I met meant one more present I wanted to make.

It ended up being that I needed to make 15 different gifts. So to keep the cost down I started out by hitting the sale bins at Michael’s and Jo-Ann’s. Aren’t those sale bins the BEST? I could spend an hour just looking through all those little goodies! Anyways, I found some hand-wash on sale 4 for a dollar. I got 16. Then I just needed to find stuff to go with them! I decided to go with the Hand Care theme. I hit the dollar bins at target and got some mini nail polish remover, mini bags of cotton pieces and then hit my favorite nail polish brand – Sinful Colors! Seriously, if you haven’t heard of this brand I very much recommend it! They are super cheap and for the price the quality really can’t be beat. Honestly, I prefer them over O.P.I.

Anyways, little tangent there, sorry, I got some little plastic gift baggies from target and some ribbon and put the baggies together.


Finally to finish everything off I went to the dollar store and bought two baskets. Then I went to Great Harvest and got two loaves of dessert bread. I put together one basket for the Labor and Delivery Nurses and a separate basket for the Mom and Baby Recovery Unit. I added a cute little poem and made it clear that while the individual baggies where for specific nurses the bread was the for the entire unit.


Tyson and I took Edythe back to the hospital to deliver the goodies and I am just SO glad I decided to do this! The nurses were SO appreciative and they all had to come out and coo over my precious baby girl! It was so fun to see them all again and it felt really good to be able to give back in a little way.

Well geez! That was long-winded! My college professors would be ashamed of me! But there ya go, and next time I will be sure to share something with a tutorial! Thanks for reading!

LOVE Wall Art


Here is another really simple project that I did for Edythe’s nursery. I saw a picture of this pretty board on Pinterest and decided I wanted one too. Here is the tutorial of my inspiration. Her’s is a lot bigger than mine but she is using her piece as a main focal point whereas mine will be part of a collage of pieces.

This project is honestly so simple that I don’t think it really needs a full tutorial but if you want to check it out the link above is pretty descriptive. Here is my version:

1. Find a board.
2. Paint said board.
3. Find letters.
4. Paint said letters (if so desired.)
5. Glue letters to board in desired pattern. (I used wood glue for this step, but hot glue would probably work as well.)
6. Add hanging apparatus to back of board.

TA-DA! This whole project probably took me less than an hour to complete and cost around $15. It will be a part of the afore-mentioned collage wall in the nursery, which is almost complete so hopefully I will have more pictures to post soon!

Yarn Wrapped Letter


Today’s project will be brought to you by the letter E. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Anyways, I started this project thinking, “oh, this will be a nice and easy little project that I can whip out really quick. I mean, you just wrap yarn around a letter, right? How hard could it be?”

This project sucked. In fact, in the spirit of full disclosure, by the end of the first day of working on this project I was calling it the Devil’s craft project. In retrospect that may have been a smidgen on the dramatic side, but, just be aware that you are going to need to employ some serious patience, (or pigheadedness, as was the case with me) if you decide to take this task on.

Supplies You Will Need:

Letter(s) of your choice
Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue Sticks

I am not going to provide a full tutorial for this project, mostly because I was too frustrated to stop and take pictures of the process, but also because there is no right or wrong way to wrap your letter, at least as far as I can tell. I found this tutorial if you would like to follow some more step-by-step type of instructions, but you’ll find that even she had some difficulty wrapping her letter perfectly.

I am just going to provide some advice and basically share my experience with this project. First of all, hot glue is going to be your best friend. It basically saved my sanity and ensured that the end result didn’t turn out looking like a kindergarten arts and crafts reject. Not, that I would ever reject a kindergartener’s arts and crafts project… but I digress.

Start by tying off a section of the yarn around an inside section of your letter. Then just wrap until you get to a stopping point. Do this to all the different little sections.


FYI, you are going to have to do multiple layers. It is the only way to ensure every part of the letter is covered in yarn. So, be sure to cover as much of the letter as you can going in one direction before you start going in another direction. It will ensure a more polished end result. I ended up having to do 3 layers because it took me a while to figure this out.

This was my first layer.

I struggled (for longer than I would like to admit) to get the yarn to cover the slopping angles before I finally got out my hot glue gun, with the basic attitude that, dammit I was going to make this stupid yarn letter work, or so help me!


For the most part, with the help of the hot glue, it turned out ok. As you can see it has its problems.


But that is where the embellishments come in to save the day!


See! Now you can barely see the imperfections and it really did turn out pretty cute, if I do say so myself!


I am planning to make this piece the center of my previously mentioned collage wall for Edythe’s room. I will post more pictures once the whole collage is finished.

Picnic Basket Makeover

I’ve always kind of had a thing against maternity pics. There has just never been anything appealing to me about having a professional, expensive photographer come in and snap pictures of my naked stretch-marked belly with little baby blocks hanging out on top of it. Or worse yet, my entire naked body artfully posed to cover my “naughty” parts while still showing off the, again I reiterate, giant stretch-marked belly! Throw a naked husband in there and some gender specific colored bows and BLECH! barftastic! Then what, you order giant prints of your nakedness and hang them up in your living room? AWKWARD! Or you print them out and hang them in your baby’s room?! One word – therapy. So anyways, I said early on in this pregnancy there will be NO maternity photo shoot! However, having had my little rant, I have started to see some very classy and beautiful maternity photo shoots emerging which finally made me say, well, maybe.

So I messaged my photographer and basically said, we will be doing a “maternity” photo shoot but I want it to be simple and classy. Absolutely NO cheese! Basically, it will just be photos of my husband and I where I will happen to be pregnant. She agreed and we are on! We have decided we will be doing a little picnic setup for the shoot so, planner that I am, I started putting together a list of “props” we would need to make this work. The first thing on my list: an old-fashioned picnic basket!

If you are in the market for a cute picnic basket, be prepared, the little suckers are rather pricy! I couldn’t bring myself to spend $60 on a picnic basket that we would probably use once. So I got on KSL and searched their classifieds for antique picnic baskets and found this little cutie for $5!

picnic basket

I actually forgot to get a picture of the outside before I started working on it, I know, I need to get better on taking pictures, but once I get excited about a project I just need to get up and go! Anyways, my husband thought we should just use the basket as it was when I purchased it, to which I responded – EW!


Not only was that fabric old and covered in food stains, but sure-as-shit when I took all that fabric out if I didn’t find a dead spider carcass just hanging out between the basket and fabric! I had the weeby-jeebies for the rest of that night I can tell you!



Taking the fabric out was really easy. It was just a matter of finding and un-stitching the previous stitches.


Next, came the fun part! I picked out a pretty new fabric and got down to work. I simply placed the basket on top of the fabric and traced the base and top of the basket. I cut out these pieces and laid them aside. Using my measuring tape I measured from the base of the basket to the rim, and again from the top to the rim. Then I measured around the circumference of the basket. I cut 2 strips of fabric about a half an inch longer than the measurements I just took. Next, I took the base piece I had cut and the strip for the base and sewed them together at the edges of the base so that they were facing each other and sewed the strip together at the point it met. I placed this into the base of the basket. Using illusion wire, I sewed the base of the fabric where the two pieces met into the corner of the base of the basket. You can hardly see the illusion wire. Next, I folded under the top of the fabric so it just came to a point where it met the rim of the basket and sewed that in place with the illusion wire as well. I repeated all these steps for the top of the basket and PRESTO-WHAMO! I had myself a cute little picnic basket!


I will post more photos of the basket in use along with the pics from my upcoming “maternity” photo shoot!