Footprints/Hand-prints 12-Month Calendar

Well, I am back. It has been nearly 3 years since my last post, but I have not stopped crafting in that time! My only excuse is – life! You guys know how that can tend to get in the way, even of the best laid plans.

I made myself a little resolution this year to do at least one blog post a month, and I knew exactly which one I wanted to start out with.

For Christmas this last year we decided to make Calendars for the grandparent’s presents, but I wanted to do something a little different. I had been scrolling through Pinterest, like ya do, and I saw a cute bunny Footprint idea for Easter, which I followed and which led me down a rabbit hole (pun INTENDED) to SO many different hand-print/footprint holiday ideas. That is when the idea occurred to me, a Footprint/Hand-print calendar! Yay! I searched for that idea specifically on Pinterest and while others had certainly mentioned the idea I could not find any post or blog with a full 12-Months worth of ideas. So, I thought I would share how ours turned out as inspiration for anyone else who might want to give these ADORABLE (if I do say so myself) calendars a try!

These are by no means the only ideas you can use and if you just search on Pinterest for Footprint art and Hand Print art the ideas are truly endless. So, instead of looking at this as a tutorial, I would just look at it as inspiration!


  1. We used regular acrylic paints that you can buy at any craft store
  2. I bought a cheap acrylic pad of paper from Walmart I think to do the artwork on
  3. Paintbrushes
  4. Pencils

Getting Started:

This project had to be completed over the course of several weeks. My baby was only 2 months old when we started the project and 4 months by the time we completed it. As you can imagine trying to get 12+ footprints out of her was not a one-sitting kind of task. Same goes for my niece, who was just over a year and even my 3-year-old daughter could not have done all this in one go. So, just know, before you tackle this project that it is going to be a VERY involved process.

I tried to do the girl’s prints directly on the acrylic paper whenever possible, so as to create less work for myself. This involved planning out each month ahead of time so I knew if I needed to paint a scene or base color first. Some of the months I ended up doing the prints on card stock and then cutting and pasting them to another piece of paper. Once all 12 months were complete, I scanned them onto the computer, uploaded them to a photo service website and created my calendars. I actually ended up using 2 different websites and I was vastly more happy with the quality of the Shutterfly calendars I received. More on this later.

Also, I decided I didn’t want to do anything as obvious as saying Happy Halloween, or Happy Easter, etc. on any of the months. But of course I used the themes accordingly and tried to come up with different sayings.

Anyways, for your viewing pleasure:



I am in LOVE with the way these little snowmen turned out!  I kind of wish I had added some snowflakes in the background, but honestly I just ran out of time.



I struggled with February the MOST of all the months. I couldn’t decide on what prints to have the girls make so finally I just had them do these little footprint hearts on some card stock. I cut them out and had NO CLUE what to do with them. Enter, my sister. She came up with the brilliant idea of turning them into cute little balloons AND she came up with the saying! I seriously love how they turned out SO MUCH!!!!!!



March turned out to be my least favorite completed. In my head it was SO cute! I just don’t love the way the way it all came together… I think it was my little rainbow under “Lucky Charms” that is throwing me…



I feel like this is a good moment for a little paint tip. Just remember whenever you add white to any color it makes the paint more opaque upon application. I forgot to mix white to the orange and pink before applying them to the girl’s feet and you can see how they are more transparent, whereas the purple bunny is not at all. You don’t have to do this, and you don’t even have to add a lot of white to create this effect. It really just depends on the effect you are going for.



As I’m sure most of you are well aware, trying to get an infant’s hand print is nothing short of a miracle. I didn’t even try. I stuck to footprints for my little Bubs.



So for June, originally I was going to something to do with Father’s Day. But we are going to Disneyland this June and I found all these cute, CUTE little Disney Princess footprint ideas and I just HAD to do them!



July, like March, left me feeling a little… underwhelmed. It had such great potential! The “Fire Cracker” is spaced weird and it should actually say “Fire Crackers” but I ran out of room. Then I wanted to add little red and blue stars all around the page. This is an example of poor planning on my part. 😦  Oh well.



So I knew exactly what I wanted to do for August but 6 little footprints, plus the sun, plus the wording was NOT all gonna fit on the cheap little paint pad I got. So for this one I had to use one of my nice watercolor sheets from my own art supplies. WORTH IT!



For this one I had the girls do their prints on card stock, I added the outlines/extra artwork, then cut them out and past them onto different card stock.



Originally I had wanted to do one calendar for my parents with my sister’s daughter and my girls, and then a separate calendar for Tyson’s parents with his sister’s kids and our girls. This was the first one I tackled and I realized 2 things. 1) This is going to be a LOT more work than I anticipated and Idk that I have the time to tackle two of these this year. 2) My 3-year-old’s feet are HUGE! I could barely fit them on the paper, so I don’t think my little pad of paper would have worked as well when we added the 4-year-old’s… just a few things to keep in mind.



This one was… quite a process.




And there you have it; 12 months worth of footprint/hand-print art for a cute little Christmas gift. We printed one for my mom, my dad, both my Grandma’s, my grandpa and of course each of us. In total we printed 7 of these babies, which can get kind of pricey. So I went to Groupon and found some calendar deals. The first Groupon I found was for Printerpix. I have gotten other products from them in the past and have always been pleased but I did not love these calendars. they were flimsy, printed double-side and just, weird. The deal was for 3 of them. So then I went back to Groupon and found one for Shutterfly. The Groupon was for 2 calendars. Then they had one of their awesome special deals were they offered a free calendar. So I ordered another one then. In the end it worked out, and it really is based on your preference, I was just happier with my Shutterfly calenders, personally.

I hope you guys enjoy this post and I will do my best to keep up on my monthly post goal!


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