D.I.Y. Pencil Case

pencil case6

In addition to crafting I also enjoy drawing and painting. I recently started a weekly sketch account on Instagram where I choose a different theme each week and then I create a piece of art to fit that theme. Being busy with my art Instagram account I have been (sadly) neglecting my craft Blog. With the holidays coming up though I have started getting the crafting craze again and the first thing I wanted to do was clean up and clear out some of my scrap fabrics just to get an idea of what I have to work with and make room for more stuff of course! So I think I am going to do a little mini series of scrap fabric projects.

Currently my colored pencils and paint brushes are contained in a jumble of chaos so I decided I needed to make a few cases to separate and organize the mess! I found this video on YouTube and I thought this would be the perfect segue between my art Instagram and my craft Blog. So, let’s get started!


  • Empty paper towel roll
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue Sticks
  • Ruler
  • Pencil/pen
  • Scrap Fabric
  • Scrap cardboard (I used an empty granola bar box)


  1. Remember there is a video tutorial for this on YouTube so if you learn better from videos please check it out because it is really well done. I added one extra step to the process that I will illustrate now.
    1. Trace circles on your spare cardboard using your empty paper towel roll as a stencil. Repeat this process on the inside your scrap fabric.
    2. Cut the circles out of the spare cardboard along your traced line but MAKE SURE you cut about a half-inch around the traced lines on your fabric.
    3. Once you have cut out your scrap fabric cut lines around the circles up to the traced circle. Please see pictures.                                                                                                 pencil case2 pencil case3
  2. Using your ruler trace and cut a straight line down the center of your paper towel roll. pencil case9 pencil case10
  3. Now you are going to want to cut down your paper towel roll as it is quite a bit longer than the zipper and honestly the extra length is unnecessary (insert penis joke here.) The zipper is 7″ in length so I cute my paper towel roll down to about 7.5″.pencil case11
  4. Leaving the zipper zipped up you will want to trim off the excess fabric at the top and bottom of the zipper. Now place a strip of hot glue along one side of your zipper fabric and attach this to one side of your paper towel roll. Then glue down the other side. pencil case12 pencil case1
  5. Grab the cardboard and fabric circles we cut earlier. Glue the cardboard pieces down to the fabric so that the cardboard is inside the traced circle on the fabric. If you are using a cardboard piece with advertisement on the front you will want to make sure you glue the plain piece to the fabric so the advertisement in facing up. Otherwise you might see the advertisement peeking through your fabric on the finished product. pencil case13
  6. Carefully add hot glue around the rim of your paper towel roll and glue your round fabric piece with the cardboard facing in onto your paper towel roll. pencil case14
  7. Glue the overhanging fabric down to the paper towel roll using the pre-cut strips to make it smooth.                                                                                                                                        pencil case4
  8. Grab the rest of your spare fabric. Cut out a piece that is 8″ x 6.5″. Fold down and glue one 6.5″ side about .25″ in. Now repeat the process on one of the 8″ sides. When you fold down and glue the other 8″ side you want to make sure that the fabric is now the exact length of your paper towel roll. So if you cut the paper towel roll according to direction #3 your fabric should now by 7.5″ in length and you should have 3 sides of your fabric glued down.  pencil case17
  9. Using your glue gun add a strip of glue to the folded down (now) 7.5″ side of the fabric. Attach this to the top of your paper towel roll on top of the zipper fabric right next to the actual zipper part.
  10. Now you “measure” your fourth side of fabric so that you can fold it down and glue it so that once it is wrapped around the paper towel roll this side of the fabric comes to the same point as the opposite side. You should now have all 4 sides of your fabric folded and glued down on itself.
  11. Add glue a little bit at a time on both sides of the roll starting from already glued fabric and slowly glue the fabric around the roll.                    pencil case18
  12. Once it has been rolled around the roll and glued to both ends you can glue down the opposite  7.5″ side.                                                                                                                      pencil case5

And you are done! I hope this tutorial made sense and was helpful! What a cute little case with so many possibilities! A pencil case, a make-up case, a brush case, goodness the list goes on and on!           pencil case7