Mini Baskets

mini basket5

I’M BACK! I have a bunch of lengthy excuses why I have been MIA, again, from my cute little blog and they are… nah, I’m just kidding! I wouldn’t bore you guys with all that! So let’s get right down to business!

I needed some cute little mini baskets for a project I am working on for my daughter’s first birthday party. I originally looked online to order said mini baskets but was unable to find anything that I liked that really fit my purpose. Then I realized, DUH! I can make those! And so can you!


Clear Plastic Cups (I used Dixie 9 oz)
41.1 M Jute (You can use twine or Hemp too, but Hemp is kinda pricy and the twine is rather thin)
Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue

mini basket1

As you can imagine these are pretty easy. Start at the bottom of the cup. Glue the end of Your Jute to the cup then wind the jute around the center piece, adding hot glue to hold the jute in place as you go around. I tried a few different ways to end at the top and I found the best way to end the basket was to wrap and glue the jute once around the inside of the cup rim. That’s it! You now have an adorable little mini basket!

mini basket2

mini basket3

What to do with it, you ask? Well, as I mentioned before I actually have a specific purpose for my little baskets so look forward to them making a comeback in an upcoming post. However, the possibilities are really endless for these little containers. You could use them as little planters, or even party favors! This is the tutorial for Mini Easter Baskets that inspired my own project! Such an adorable idea! Make sure to check back later to see what becomes of my baskets!

mini basket4

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