Nurses Gifts!

I know I have once again been MIA from the bloggosphere, and I apologize for my long absence! Blogging with a baby is MUCH harder than I expected! Luckily however, I have still been crafting in the interim and therefore have some juicy projects to share with you all!

This particular project goes way back, to right after Edythe was born. It doesn’t have a tutorial. It’s just a little idea for any of you expecting mommy’s out there. I decided to make little gift “baskets” for my Labor and Delivery and Mom and Baby Recovery nurses. Of course, I found this idea on Pinterest while I was still pregnant and I am so very glad that I decided to do it!

If you just stop and think a moment about all the stuff those nurses have to deal with on a daily basis it might make you that much more grateful that we have these wonderful ladies and guys out there. I mean I know it’s their job, but seriously, I know I could never do what they do! So anyways, there are a bunch of different ways you can show your appreciation to these special people (if you decide to do so) and you can search for different ideas on Pinterest and the internet in general. I ended up having an unplanned C-Section and had to stay in the hospital for longer than I had expected so I had a LOT of different nurses while I was there. This was both a good thing and kind of a bad thing. It was great meeting all those wonderful ladies but every nurse I met meant one more present I wanted to make.

It ended up being that I needed to make 15 different gifts. So to keep the cost down I started out by hitting the sale bins at Michael’s and Jo-Ann’s. Aren’t those sale bins the BEST? I could spend an hour just looking through all those little goodies! Anyways, I found some hand-wash on sale 4 for a dollar. I got 16. Then I just needed to find stuff to go with them! I decided to go with the Hand Care theme. I hit the dollar bins at target and got some mini nail polish remover, mini bags of cotton pieces and then hit my favorite nail polish brand – Sinful Colors! Seriously, if you haven’t heard of this brand I very much recommend it! They are super cheap and for the price the quality really can’t be beat. Honestly, I prefer them over O.P.I.

Anyways, little tangent there, sorry, I got some little plastic gift baggies from target and some ribbon and put the baggies together.


Finally to finish everything off I went to the dollar store and bought two baskets. Then I went to Great Harvest and got two loaves of dessert bread. I put together one basket for the Labor and Delivery Nurses and a separate basket for the Mom and Baby Recovery Unit. I added a cute little poem and made it clear that while the individual baggies where for specific nurses the bread was the for the entire unit.


Tyson and I took Edythe back to the hospital to deliver the goodies and I am just SO glad I decided to do this! The nurses were SO appreciative and they all had to come out and coo over my precious baby girl! It was so fun to see them all again and it felt really good to be able to give back in a little way.

Well geez! That was long-winded! My college professors would be ashamed of me! But there ya go, and next time I will be sure to share something with a tutorial! Thanks for reading!


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