LOVE Wall Art


Here is another really simple project that I did for Edythe’s nursery. I saw a picture of this pretty board on Pinterest and decided I wanted one too. Here is the tutorial of my inspiration. Her’s is a lot bigger than mine but she is using her piece as a main focal point whereas mine will be part of a collage of pieces.

This project is honestly so simple that I don’t think it really needs a full tutorial but if you want to check it out the link above is pretty descriptive. Here is my version:

1. Find a board.
2. Paint said board.
3. Find letters.
4. Paint said letters (if so desired.)
5. Glue letters to board in desired pattern. (I used wood glue for this step, but hot glue would probably work as well.)
6. Add hanging apparatus to back of board.

TA-DA! This whole project probably took me less than an hour to complete and cost around $15. It will be a part of the afore-mentioned collage wall in the nursery, which is almost complete so hopefully I will have more pictures to post soon!

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