Nursery Wall Art

My baby girl’s due date is right around the corner and I am almost done with the nursery. Seeing that I appear to be growing an Amazon Princess in my uterus I am feeling the push to get everything finished just in case she decides to grace us with her presence a little early. And trust me, at nearly 5 lbs at 31 weeks, I am really hoping she decides to make her premier a little early!

Anyways, one of the last big things I want to do to finish off her room is a collage wall above the changing table. I want this collage to have some pictures of her, of course, some pictures of my husband and I, some cute prints, and a few other odds and ends including the fun pieces I will be showing you today.

This project was inspired by this fun tutorial I found on Pinterest the other day. I absolutely LOVED her end result. I searched Michael’s and Joanne’s high and low to find those cute little animal cutouts she used, but in the end I had to work with what I could find and I am actually really pleased with the outcome. So, remember to have a little flexibility and keep an open mind if you decide to take on this project, odds are you are not going to be able to find the same supplies, but there are lots of fun stuff to choose from out there.

Supplies You Will Need:

Open Frames (amt and size of your choice)
Wood pieces to fit frames
Decorative paper of your choice
Decorative Wood Cutouts to fit frame
Modge Podge
Wood Glue
Small Paintbrush

Carmex Optional

Carmex Optional

1. Once you have picked out the frames you want to use you will need to get wood pieces to fit the frame. I believe you can go to your local Home Depot or Lowes and they will cut these pieces for you. Luckily my dad basically has his own lumberyard of scraps in his garage so I always go to him first before I go out and buy wood of any kind. In this case I needed 4 pieces of wood measuring 1″ x 4 7/8″ x 4 7/8″. Dad came through with 3/4″ wood pieces which worked perfectly!

nursery wall art4

2. Now You will need to choose your background for the pieces. I already had a collection pack of pretty scrapbook paper that I could use so I choose to go this route. You can, however, choose to use fabric as well, which you can see in my inspiration tutorial that I had mentioned earlier.

3. Trace the wood onto your paper and cut out your traced pieces. Originally I was planning on using 4 completely separate but coordinating patterns, but after review I decided that one non-repetitive pattern made a really pretty effect.

nursery wall art1

nursery wall art

4. Glue your paper pieces to your wood pieces using your Modge Podge and an old paintbrush that you don’t care about in case it gets ruined.

nursery wall art2

nursery wall art3

5. If you want to add color to your wood pieces now would be the time to do so. I liked the natural look of the wood so I left mine blank. There is no right or wrong here, just whatever you prefer aesthetically. Once your wood is dry (if you painted) you can glue the pieces to the center of your wood blocks, on top of your pattern using your Modge Podge again.

nursery wall art5

nursery wall art6

nursery wall art7

6. Again, if you want to paint your frames you will want to do so now, if you have not done so already. Be sure they are completely dry before you work with them again. I opted to stick with the white frames. Flip your frame over so that it is face down and using your wood glue you will secure the wood pieces to the inside of the frame. I highly recommend using the wood glue, I initially tried this with hot glue and it was a major fail!

nursery wall art8

nursery wall art9

nursery wall art9.1

If you have never worked with wood glue before be aware that it can take a little while to dry. I “secured” my wood pieces to the frame and did not touch them again until they were completley dry to avoid the pieces shifting and drying crooked.

nursery wall art9.2

Well, and there you have it! Flip those puppies over and you should have some cute little wall art to hang in your nursery! Mine are a little subdued, but I wanted them to be very soft and delicate and I am very happy with the way they turned out!

nursery wall art11

nursery wall art12

3 thoughts on “Nursery Wall Art

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    • Thank you! I’m sorry it has taken so long to get back to you, just haven’t had much time for my blog since my little Edythe was born. Anyways I found these particular frames at Jo-Ann’s. I have seen similar ones at Hobby Lobby as well. I hope this is helpful and good luck!

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