Football Baby Blanket

Last year was our “Year of Weddings”. Including my own, I attended a total of 9, yes 9, weddings last year! So it would be safe to assume (as antiquated as this may sound) that this year would be the year of baby showers, and it has been. Ironically, I am the only person married last year who is expecting this year, but something must be in the air, water or hormones because it has been non-stop on the showers and accordingly baby gifts.

Now, as taxing as constantly buying gifts can be, sometimes buying gifts just isn’t a satisfying solution for us crafty folk and I for one am always on the lookout for something a little more personal. When the showers are back to back though, I can’t do anything too time consuming. Which is why I am SO glad I found this little tutorial. This blanket is really SO easy and fast to make and is always a huge hit at showers. The “oohs” and “ahhs” and “you made that?” comments will just come flying in and you can bask in the glory while smiling to yourself at how easy this gift really was.





I could put together my own little step-by-step but this tutorial that I found was honestly so perfect and well done, that it would really just be a waste of my time to do another. So PLEASE give this girl’s tutorial a try, even if you are just a beginner in sewing, as I am, you really can make this work.

One comment that I will make, and she mentions this in her tutorial, is that the minky fabric really is slippery and even with pins it can start to slip a little. I was sewing along, thinking I was doing a great job when I suddenly realized the whole blanket had shifted and caused a little bunch before I caught it! So just be on the lookout and have fun!


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